Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre 

Located in Cheung Muk Tau, Sai Kung, the Elderly Holiday Centre provides vacation facilities for the elderly, disabled and their carers. There are 132 residential camping places, 85 day camping places and 40 day care service places. Formerly known as Helping Hand Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly, it was renamed as Helping Hand Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly on 1 October 2021.


 The elderly resort center's environment



There are 26 quad rooms and 23 double rooms, with a capacity of 150 campers and a maximum of 176 campers with an extra bed (one bed in a quad room). Campers can enjoy recreational facilities and have group activities in the center, they can also reserve the activity room for free for meetings, seminars, retreats and training.

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-Day Camp, Evening Camp

Campers can enjoy recreational facilities and group activities at the center and reserve the activity room for free. It is suitable for collaborative meetings, seminars, retreats, and training. Camp Booking: Online Form Download Form


-International Cultural Exchange Program

The International Cultural Exchange Program (ICEP) provides opportunities for Hong Kong and overseas seniors to meet, build friendships, expand social circles and foster interpersonal relationships. Through participation in cultural exchange activities, the elderly can broaden their international perspective, enhance their self-confidence through mutual respect and care, and build a positive outlook on life.


-Vacation Crew (Volunteer Service)

The purpose of the program is to enhance volunteers' self-confidence, potential, and leadership skills through training and practice. Through the training, volunteers will be able to understand the services provided by the Holiday Centre, the needs of the elderly in residential care, and the skills of communication and dealing with the elderly.

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Facilities and Activities


-Indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi

Auditorium and multi-purpose activity room

-Central Lawn

-Barbecue area

Various sports including table tennis, badminton, air cushion ball, boccia, lawn bowls, gateball, softball, meridian tapping exercises and chair-based freehand exercises, etc.

-Various recreational activities such as karaoke, mahjong, recreational chess and other chess games, etc.

-Interest groups led by professional instructors, including sports, arts and crafts, environmental activities, cell phone applications, fitness, dance, tea ceremony, art, balloon twisting, musical instruments and other activities, etc.

-Seasonal specialties such as Poon Choi Banquet, Vegetarian Banquet, Snake Banquet, Lunar New Year Set Meal, Health and Medicine Banquet and Blessing and Longevity Banquet, etc.

-Dining Hall

-Snack bar

-Seaview lawn and seating

-Lao Ye Teahouse (outdoor recreation area)

-Reading Room



- With Tolo Harbour at the back and Pat Sin Leng in the distance, the center has a quiet environment and a pleasant view.
- There are specially designed four seasons garden, garden, pavilion, koi pond and turtle pond, which make people feel relaxed and happy.

web flowerweb flower


Center improvement project.

"Helping Hand Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Old" has been renamed as "Helping Hand Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly" on 1 October 2021. Since its opening in 1993, some of the facilities have been gradually worn out over the years. Fortunately, the Lotteries Fund approved the funding for a major renovation project to commence in January 2021. Immediately after receiving funding from the Jockey Club Charities Trust to carry out a comprehensive upgrade and improvement project, the Centre is expected to have a new look for the elderly in mid-2023.


Additional demonstration rooms for "elderly with cognitive impairment" and "frail elderly".

In addition to the above outdoor and swimming pool improvement works, the side of the small fish pond will be transformed into a multi-sensory garden with different kinds of plants and flowers, so that the elderly can enjoy more green scenery. The indoor facilities, activity areas and guest rooms of the Center have also been completely renovated. The existing activity rooms will be converted into multi-functional activities such as cooking class, tea ceremony room, interactive game room and sensory stimulation room. Two of the guest rooms will be equipped with smart technology and furniture, and will be set up as demonstration rooms for the elderly with cognitive impairment and the frail elderly.

construction rooftopswimming pool

Tile roof improvement project (left) Pool substrate re-tiling project (right) 



Retirement Living for the Elderly.

After the completion of the improvement works, the Jockey Club Charities Trust will sponsor the Centre to organize special activities under the themes of "Health Education", "Green Living", "Enjoyment and Participation" and "Happy Ageing Technology", including focus groups, interest classes, theme talks, volunteer training, outings and visits, etc. for a period of three years, in order to enable the elderly to live a colorful and active retirement life.


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Address of Senior Citizen Holiday Centre

North Nin Wah Road, Cheung Muk Tau, Sai Kung, New Territories (near Ma On Shan/Wu Kai Sha)
Tel: (852) 2640 8810
Fax: (852) 2640 7990
Office hours: (Monday to Saturday) 9:00am - 5:00pm (Public holidays as usual, except Lunar New Year's Day and the first three days of the Lunar New Year)
Center Manager: Mr. Keith Cheung



Take bus 99, 299X from MTR Wu Kai Sha Station, get off at Teikin Wan and walk for 5-10 minutes; or transfer to green cab; or
Take bus no. 40X, 89D to MTR Wu Kai Sha Station, take exit A1 and walk towards Sai Sha Road for 15-20 minutes; or
Take Green Minibus No. 807K from MTR University Station and get off at Dikin Wan and walk for 5-10 minutes; or
Take MTR Ma On Shan Line from Wu Kai Sha Station Exit A1 and walk towards Sai Sha Road for 15-20 minutes