Helping Hand’s ‘2024 Cookie Campaign’ has officially launched. This year, in addition to the delicious walnut cookies, physical gift vouchers and electronic vouchers are being offered for the first time. Each voucher can be redeemed for two oval-shaped egg tarts, or coconut tarts (or one of each), from St Honore Cake Shop.



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The Cookie Campaign, which is launched every year is Helping Hand's most significant fundraising initiative. The proceeds raised go directly towards covering the operational expenses of our homes, including the cost of facilities and services. It will also be utilised to plan different activities for the residents, providing them the opportunity to live more contented, enjoyable and meaningful lives.




Double the GivingIf you decide to order Cookies but don’t want to receive them, we can donate our Cookies in your name to the underprivileged in our Community, like low-income families, community services centres and the homeless, through our “Double the Giving” programme.



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We would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful sponsors and organisations who have helped make this event happen. To make our traditional campaign, even more unique, we will be adding new components - so please stay tuned!



Thank you for your support to Helping Hand, allowing us to care for the elderly so that they can enjoy their Golden Years!


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