★ COVID-19 News (3) ★


Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly taken over by SWD as Elderly Quarantine Centre


As requested by the Social Welfare Department (SWD), our Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly in Sai Kung was handed over to the Department on 24 July 2020 to function as a decanting cum quarantine centre for those elderly evacuated from The Salvation Army Lung Hang Residence for Senior Citizens in Shatin and tested COVID-19 negative.


The quarantine centre inside our Holiday Centre for the Elderly is geographically independent from the neighbouring Father Sean Burke Care Home for the Elderly and therefore no cross interaction or exchange of staff and resources will take place.  Also, the Day Care Unit at our Holiday Centre for the Elderly has suspended service since 24 July 2020.


This temporary takeover of our Holiday Centre for the Elderly is entirely under the leadership of SWD.  Helping Hand provides existing camping facilities and necessary hardwares (excluding staffing) while SWD is wholly responsible for the overall coordination, management, service operation, staffing, logistics arrangements etc.  Any question about this quarantine centre should be directed to SWD or the responsible staff of the elderly home concerned at phone no 2631 2817.



★ COVID-19 News (2) ★


It was known on 22 July 2020 that an outsourced Escort Service Care Worker, who was found to be a confirmed COVID-19 case later, performed escort service for an elderly resident of our Hongkong Bank Foundation Lok Fu Care Home on 8 July 2020.  After this resident was discharged from the hospital on 9 July 2020, our Lok Fu Care Home had followed our infection control measures to provide isolated care for 14 days.  The resident concerned, and also other residents and staff have shown no infection symptom so far.  We hereby confirm no COVID-19 outbreak at the moment.


Also, in relation to the arrangements of the Government to conduct viral tests for the care home staff, our Lok Fu Care Home has already finished all tests in which no positive case was found.  We will keep closely observing the development and following the guidelines of the Centre for Health Protection to take necessary infection control measures. 



★ COVID-19 News (1) ★


In the afternoon of 14 July 2020, our Hongkong Bank Foundation Lok Fu Care Home was notified by the Centre for Health Protection that one of our elderly residents, who was staying in the hospital and had been in contact with another patient of confirmed COVID-19 case, was confirmed positive under the Covid-19 viral test. 


The Centre for Health Protection sent a medical team to visit our Lok Fu Care Home in the morning of 15 July 2020 and then commented that both environmental hygiene and infection control measures of the Home were in order.  They also confirmed that the elderly resident concerned was infected during hospitalization after she had left the Home.  Our Lok Fu Care Home has no COVID-19 outbreak at the moment, and we hope all infected patients will get well very soon.



★ Special Arrangement of the Boccia Project 2020 


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we hereby announce the cancellation of the Boccia Project 2020 (including all training classes and the Boccia Contest), taking into account the health and safety of all participants.


Sales service of Boccia remains normal. However, rental service of Boccia has been temporarily suspended until further notice. For any enquiry, please contact Ms. Tang or Ms. Wong at 2336-0716 or email to . Thank you for your support!


Boccia Project 2020 Secretariat

11 June 2020