Financial Condition  


The Holiday Centre and Day Care Centre are mainly funded by a one-off grant from the Social Welfare Department.However, external support is required for all other additional care facilities, equipments, furnitures, repairs and renovations, indoor and outdoor activities, and additional nutritional or special foods.


The Government Policy does not directly subsidize hostels for the elderly who are capable of taking care of themselves, but in fact, such elderly in Hong Kong also faces problems such as poverty, family abandonment, family disputes and even domestic violence and need accommodation. Therefore, we insist on helping these groups with accommodation needs and operate three Housing for the Elderly since 1990 on a self-financing basis and cost-effective staffing ratio. Housing for the Elderly became the only hostel for elderly who are capable of taking care of themselves, so we have had to rely on corporate and public donations over the years to support the operating costs and all other facilities, equipment, furniture, maintenance and renovation, indoor and outdoor activities and services. We are also in need of direct donations of food and supplies for Housing for the elderly.


In addition, in 2001, Helping Hand started to operate the  Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly in China on a self-financing basis, so that the elderly who have been waiting for government subsidized places can be admitted immediately at a low cost, funding is need from support of donations.


For a range of special community projects and carer support services, we also need external sponsorship and donations.