Chairperson's Message

As our mission statement says:


Helping Hand - "We CARE for the Elderly”


Helping Hand started when a retired fishmonger called Bob Saunders came across 120 elderly, sitting with their meagre possessions on a pavement in Kowloon, just been evicted from their 3’x 6’ bed cage home. Many with medical condition. Blind, mentally disturbed, malnourished, penniless, scared.


Bob could have walked by ignoring them, as many did, but Bob stopped as he CARED. He started making calls, and many more people helped as they cared. Those elderly were housed, looked after- CARED FOR - Helping Hand was founded -


From those humble beginnings in 1978 we now provide 1,000 beds in our self care and care & attention homes as well as looking after tens of thousands of elderly in our community yearly.


We have come a long way, we are blessed to work with devoted staff, volunteers and committee members - depending on donors to continue our work to give a happy, safe home for needy elderly in our community - Please CARE with us, we need your help!!


Thank you.


Johanna Arculli, BBS

Chairperson, Executive Committee