Special Donation Programme


Special Acknowledge:

Vera Ruttonjee Desai Charitable Fund - Renovation of Lai Yiu Care Home

Kingboard Holdings Limited and Mr Cheung Kwok Wing - Purchase of various equipment and facilities for our service units and support of the operation for Housing for the Elderly

Overlook Investments Ltd - Assisting in the services of 'Hot Meal Project' and purchase of equipment

Leung Chik Wai Charitable Trust - Improving the quality of life of our elderly residents

PCPD Services Ltd – Providing soup and fruit to our care homes

Shang Sin Chun Tong Community Services Ltd - Drug distribution, ‘Hot Meal Project’, ‘Life Well’ Handbook and Boccia Contest

Tsu Te Kian Charitable Trust – Purchase of foldable ‘super-lo’ electric beds

Leung Chik Wai Charitable Trust - Improving the quality of life of our Chuk Yuen residents

Fidelity Asia Pacific Foundation – Supporting our ‘eSmartHealth’ electronic health monitoring systems

The Van Zuiden Charity Trust - purchase of various equipment for our care homes

Haitong International Securities Group Ltd – ‘Care for the Elderly, Care for the Brain’ Project

林美珍女士 - Father Sean Burke Care Home for the Elderly Activity Foundation

黃梓欽先生 – Care-on-Call service for the Housing for the Elderly

Mr and Mrs Ron Arculli - Purchase of Therapeutic Robots and ceiling hoist for Lai Yiu residents

Mrs Winnie Wong Chan - ‘Love Elders Action’ Project

Ms Julie Ng - Facilities enhancement for Chuk Yuen Housing for the Elderly

King & Wood Mallesons - Projects of various services, purchasing and activity and Chinese New Year activity

CLSA Ltd – Installation of ceiling hoists for our care homes

Brandon Learning Centre and Dr Jessica Ogilvy-Stuart - Purchase of Therapeutic Robots

Express Galaxy Ltd – Activity of residential homes and day care centres

The American Women’s Association of Hong Kong – Electric appliances for Po Lam Housing for the Elderly

Oyster Station Holdings Limited – Purchase of equipment for our care homes

Bloomberg LP - ‘Love Elders Action’ Project for Lok Fu Care Home

Goldman Sachs Gives – ‘Life Well Planned Sharing Day’ and the equipment of virtual visiting

韋燕妮女士 – The activity foundation of Lok Fu Care Home and Po Lam Housing for the Elderly

Creative Tomco Ltd – Fruit and birthday gift for Housing for the Elderly

Mr Chiu-shing Ling - New Year Party of care homes

Mr Janson Cham-lau Leung – Red packets, Chinses New Year activity and medicine fee


Our particular thanks go to The Community Chest of Hong Kong and their generous supporters for their long term and substantial financial support for our work