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Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Helping Hand Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly is the first large-scale integrated care home for the elderly in China, operated and managed by a Hong Kong charity, offering a new and affordable option for the elderly aged 60 and above.

Under the HKSAR Government's The Residential Care Services Scheme in GuangdongHong Kong elders eligible for admission to the Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly are eligible for government subsidy to continue their benefits.

The Home has different departments for the elderly with different needs and have Special Care Section for the elderly with dementia (formerly known as Alzheimer's disease), so that families in need can feel at ease.

For the convenience of relatives staying overnight, the Home has visitor facilities, including a guest house and a“Qing En Ge” restaurant

We provide a trial stay programme where relatives can accompany the elderly to experience the life in Zhaoqing Home for the Elderly before they apply for admission.



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