Life Education


Helping Hand actively promoted positive life education to the elderly and the community to help them to live a fruitful life in their old age.


Advanced Care Plan  booklet

Acknowledgement :We would like to thank Shang Sin Chun Tong Community Services Ltd sponsored the publoish of 「Advanced Care Plan 」 booklet and Goldman Sachs Givessponored 「Life Well Planned Sharing Day」


Advanced Care Plan  booklet


Guest Video Sharing:

Everyting has its own time -  Ms Luk Po-Chu,Bella , Helping Hand Ex-chif Executive Officer 

Write for yourself and family「Life Story」 - Mr Arnold Leung ,RSW,、Fellow in Thanatology US

Life Enlightening - Dr. David L.K.Dai JP. ,Geriatrics Doctor ,Elderly Medical Health Director 

Train before final destination  - Professor Helen Chan's , Associate professor of The Nethersole School of Nursing Faculty of Medicine CUHK 


Notes and Tips for producting Lifestory Booklet」

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My Lifestory Booklet

Life Enlightening Booklet 

Life's End Memo